September 25, 2019

Significant energy-saving advantages

Energy-saving and new energy glass prospects wide: With China's increasing emphasis on energy saving, various types of energy performance of building materials will be directly driven. The energy-saving and new energy glasses already have considerable technical reserves. It gets the absolute leading position in China. Segments of the industry, volatility cycle are separated, the cyclical fluctuations in high-end products stable than the ordinary white glass; and such products of high technical barriers to small business is not easy to enter, the overall competitive environment is relatively loose. For example, low-E energy-saving barium titanate glass can achieve replication in a new production line with relative technology and process. In recent year, due to the advantage of the technology in the online low-E products, China continues increase investment in such production lines. In terms of cost, with independent development of solid injection technology, and the lower cost of alternative fuels, petroleum coke and coat, the cost of production is dramatically reducing. The western countries, the utilization rate of the Low-E insulating China IFR Hospital Curtain Fabrics Factory glass and other energy-saving glass in the building up to 50% utilization rate of the major developed countries has reached more than 80%, while only less than 10%, a huge space for future development. Comparing to 20-25% market share of the overall product, the market share of this products reaches to 50%.It is dedicated to the coated, energy-saving and new energy glass with higher technical barriers.mhcocm. Advanced technology and cost advantages lay the foundation for the development of new-energy coated glass.Fluctuations in high-end product life cycle are relatively stable, and promote long-term earnings growth: the traditional glass neodymium fluoride industry is cyclical challenges facing the maintenance of the level of profitability. Increasingly fierce competition in the common white glass, and is subject to the cyclical impact of the larger industry background, play an increasingly important role in the development of high value-added products to maintain the level of profitability of the glass companies. Glass products segment, low-emissive glass in the optical and thermal properties has significant energy-saving advantages.

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September 11, 2019

Brand that produces high quality

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